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Red's Cafe & Catering
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 In 1931, Elmo Redman and his wife Birdie put up an old bus body on us highway 12 in Montrose, Minnesota. It seated 6 people. His clientele included truckers and travelers. The favorite menu item was a Hamburger Steak with American Fries. Many truckers were “bull haulers”. They would haul livestock to South St. Paul and take freight back to their home towns. Check out our web site for more old pictures. Later on Red replaced the bus with a larger bus that seated more people. In 1947 he built a stucco building that would serve as Red’s Café. Red sold his beloved café in the Sixties to a Mrs. Sipe. She ran it for a couple of years but had to sell due to ill health. Jack and Mary Johnson bought it and ran it for several years. On February 1, 1975, Larry and Diane Miller purchased Red’s Café. We still own Red’s. In 1984 we added a large dining area. In 1988 we expanded the kitchen. We extensively remodeled the whole place in 2006. We have been catering for about 25 years, serving as many as 1,600 people at one time. We invite you to stop in. We still serve the venerable hamburgers and malts. We have beer, wine and mixed drinks and many yummy items on our menu.

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